Lesser-Known Things To Check When Buying A Used Semi Truck

If you've made the decision to invest in a used semi-truck to launch your own owner-operator business, it's important that you get the right truck. The quality of the truck that you buy will have a direct effect on the success of your business. Most prospective buyers know enough to check the oil and do a road test before they settle on a used truck, but there are other things that are also important but can be easily overlooked. Here are a few things that you should think about that can help you get the right truck for your new venture.

Check The Doors

While you're examining the body for rust, you should also take some time to closely inspect the doors. Make sure that they shut evenly and aren't warped in any way. If the doors don't close properly, it can affect the aerodynamics and handling of the truck.

Additionally, if the doors don't close properly and haven't been addressed, that's an indication that the truck may have been neglected and could have other serious issues. Whether it's the weather stripping or the door structure itself, this is an expense you'll have to plan for if you're going to buy the truck. Many trucks you find, though, will have properly sealing doors.

Examine The Service Records

Most prospective buyers just skim the service records to be sure that regular maintenance is being done on the truck. Regular maintenance is a key component of engine longevity, so this is important. However, you should do more than just skim the service records. 

Take the time to go through all of the service logs to see exactly what has, and has not, been done on the truck. This will tell you a lot. However, you should also look for any indications of major repair work that could be anticipated for the mileage on the engine. If the typically expected work has been done, you won't have to plan for that expense because it's likely it won't need to be done in the near future.

Have The Fluids Checked

You should make a point to have all of the fluids checked for quality as well. This includes transmission fluid, gear oil, and more. If the fluids are clean and new, that is an indication that the truck has been well maintained. Ideally, you want to choose a truck like this that has clean fluids in good condition and properly filtered.

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