Four Benefits Of Using Brand-Name When Replacing Parts In Your Truck

Brand-name truck equipment and parts are expensive; there is no getting around that fact. However, they are quality parts. They also provide several benefits, including the following.

Brand-Name Parts Keep Everything "Original"

If you want to keep your truck as "original" as possible for decades to come, then brand-name parts are the way to go. You can get replacement parts for practically everything that came with your truck when you bought it off the lot from the dealership. Otherwise, get the exact name-brand models and serial numbers of the parts you need to replace to get duplicate parts from a reputable truck parts seller.

Brand-Name Parts Come with a Warranty/Guarantee

Sure, brand-name parts cost a little more than generic parts, but nothing beats the warranty and guarantee on most of these brand-name parts. Very few generic auto parts manufacturers back their products with the same guarantees and warranties as the name-brand manufacturers because the generic parts are more or less a "band-aid" part (i.e., the generic parts will work just long enough to get you through a rough financial spot before you will have to replace them). If you can swing the extra expense, chose the brand-new, brand-name parts and equipment for your truck every time.

There Is No "Fudging the Fix"

Sometimes a generic part is meant to cover repairs in multiple vehicles by the same manufacturer. The mechanic has to cut or trim the part to fit, thus "fudging the fix."  With a brand-name part, the part is custom-made to fit the vehicle it was designed to fit. There is no "fudging the fix" to get the part to fit. The part drops right into place and requires no extra attention from the mechanic.

Custom Accessories Always Fit Correctly the First Time

Additionally, any accessories made specifically for your make and model of truck will always fit correctly the first time. You want extra cup holders? Buy the ones that say they are meant for your truck, and you will not have a problem installing them. You need extra large, side view mirror extensions? When you buy them exclusively for your truck, the extensions will fit and work exactly as you would expect them to. If you have accessories custom-made by a name-brand manufacturer, you are guaranteed a truer fit than if you bought other accessories and tried to make them fit to your truck. Ask your parts and accessories dealer what else you can get that is guaranteed to fit your truck.